Bike rental

We have round about 50 bicycles for rent. The bicycles you see here are only a small selection.

Cyco Herrenrad 7 Nabenschaltung
Passat Rad 7 Gang Nabenschaltung

Men’s bicycle 7 gears hub system

Ladies bicycle 7 gears hub system

Mountain bike Carver mit Gepaecktraeger
Goldrad 27 Gang Kettenschaltung

MTB 27 gears, shift gear system

Ladies bike 27 gears,  shift gear system

Carver XT Schaltung, Satteltasche
eBike Victoria 8 Gang

MTB 27 shift gear system

Ladies ebike 8 gears,  shift gear system

Staiger Sinus

Cannondale eBike 8 gears, for sport riders.
Range approx. 80 Km

Staiger Sinus 7 gears hub gear system.
Our recommendation. Range approx. 80 Km

Trailer_1  nur in Verbindung mit einem eBike
Bike trailer_Nachläufer klein

Trailer only in conjuction with a eBike available

Only in conjuction with a eBike available

Zubehoer, Koerbchen, Helm Reparatur-Set , Schloß , Kartenmaterial

Ortlieb panniers 2 x 20 liters

Repair-Kit with pump, Helmets, baskets, looks and maps are free of charge.

children bicycle (small) saddle height 65-75 cm

children bicycle (middle) saddle height 70-80 cm

children bicycle (big) saddle height 75-85 cm

ladies bicycle with children chair seat

Fahrrad und  Mountainbike  Verleih in Lahnstein, Braubach, Koblenz


Prices 2017

Lady’s bicycle


11,00 €                           per day

Men’s bicycles


11,00 €                           per day

Children bicycles


 ex 5,00 €                       per day

Children chair seat


 ex 5,00 €                       per day

Hybrid bicycle


10,00 € - 15,00 €           per day


off road

20,00 €                           per day

Pedelacs / eBikes / electric bicycle

press here

Panniers waterproof -both sites


2,00 €                             per day

Helmets, baskets, looks

free of charge




20,00 €



50,00 €



150,00 €


Price depends on how it is equipped

Free  delivery:
Koblenz Mitte, Lahnstein and Braubach 2 to 5 bicycles.
Ex 6 bicycles on request.

Other locations on request.


Bicycle hire in Lahnstein, Braubach, Bad Ems und Koblenz