Bike rental

We have round about 50 bicycles for rent. The bicycles you see here are only a small selection.



Men’s bicycle 7 gears hub system

Ladies bicycle 7 gears hub system


Goldrad 27 Gang Kettenschaltung

21 gears, shift gear system

Ladies bike 27 gears,  shift gear system

Carver XT Schaltung, Satteltasche
eBike Victoria 8 Gang

MTB 27 shift gear system

Ladies ebike 8 gears,  shift gear system

Staiger Sinus

Cannondale eBike 8 gears, for sport riders.
Range approx. 80 Km

Staiger Sinus 7 gears hub gear system.
Our recommendation. Range approx. 80 Km

Trailer_1  nur in Verbindung mit einem eBike
Bike trailer_Nachläufer klein

Trailer only in conjuction with a eBike available

Only in conjuction with a eBike available

Zubehoer, Koerbchen, Helm Reparatur-Set , Schloß , Kartenmaterial

Ortlieb panniers 2 x 20 liters

Repair-Kit with pump, Helmets, baskets, looks and maps are free of charge.

    At present not available

children bicycle (small) saddle height 65-75 cm

children bicycle (middle) saddle height 70-80 cm

children bicycle (big) saddle height 75-85 cm

ladies bicycle with children chair seat

Fahrrad und  Mountainbike  Verleih in Lahnstein, Braubach, Koblenz


Prices 2019

Lady’s bicycle


11,00 €                           per day

Men’s bicycles


11,00 €                           per day

Children bicycles


 ex 5,00 €                       per day

Children chair seat


 ex 5,00 €                       per day

Hybrid bicycle


10,00 € - 15,00 €           per day


off road

20,00 €                           per day

Pedelacs / eBikes / electric bicycle

press here

Panniers waterproof -both sites


2,00 €                             per day

Helmets, baskets, looks

free of charge




20,00 € - 50,00 €



50,00 €



150,00 €


Price depends on how it is equipped

Free  delivery:
Koblenz Mitte, Lahnstein and Braubach 2 to 5 bicycles.
Ex 6 bicycles on request.

Other locations on request.


Bicycle hire in Lahnstein, Braubach, Bad Ems und Koblenz