What kind of bicycles do you have for rent?

Most bicycles are so called citybikes or lady’s bicycles with a low access (for easy getting on and off) and are equipped with a 7 gear hub system. We also have high quality mountainbikes.


What’s about the payment?

After your order, you get our bank details. Thereon you make a down payment. The balance of your reservation will have to be paid on arrival. Oversea customers and non-EU customers can pay by PayPal.


We want to hire the bicycles at the bike rental station and drop them of in Trier or Mainz.

We have a daily transfer to Trier, therefor the transport back to Koblenz / Lahnstein is pretty cheap.

From Mainz and other destinations the price is on request.

Important:       Drop of the bicycles in Trier:

It’s absolutely necessary to book a acoomodation in Trier where a bicycle cellar is available.

You pay a deposit of 20,00 € per bike.
After we checked the bicycles a few days later for possible damage or loose of additional equipment, we send your deposit to your bank account (or PayPal account).

In case of damage - We charge the cost of materials according to original invoice

If you drop of the bike in our bike rental station, you’ll get your deposit back immediately.


We arrive in Frankfurt, from there we go by train to Trier. In Trier we want to start our bicycle tour.

A cheap possibility is:
You buy a “
Quer-durchs-Land Ticket:
Travel throughout Germany for just EUR 44.00          (Price 2015)          (No liability assumed)

First you go to Koblenz, pick up your bicycles, then go by train to Trier and start your bike tour on the same day.

There is no direct train connection from Frankfurt to Trier. All trains go via Koblenz.


Do you deliver the bicycles to Trier, Mainz or to any other place?

The delivery to Koblenz to your hotel or other places in the closer vicinity is possible.

Trier or Mainz only absolute exception cases.

Because it could be that you are not agree with the size or any other facilities.
In this case, we have used for 300 km petrol, and neither you nor we are happy.

There are two other possibilities.

You choose your bicycle in my shop. After that you cycle to the train station Koblenz.
There you buy a “
Palatinate ticket” and head to Trier for only 24,00 €.
Each additional person pays only 4,00 €.
Max. 5 persons. (No liability assumed)

Alternative is a “
Schoenes Wochenende Ticket” or a Quer-durchs-Land Ticket available.

You choose your bicycle in my shop and we bring it the next day together with your luggage to Tier, Mainz or to any place of your choice. (Start is 8:00 o’clock in the morning.)


We are 5 persons and we want to go by train to Trier or Mainz. From there we plan to cycle back to Koblenz / Lahnstein.

The cheapest possibility is to buy a “Palatinate Ticket” of German rail.
Click here please: Reginal day tickets


Can we get the bicycles the evening before we start our tour?

Yes, after request. From 7:00 pm


We are a bowling club and we need a tour guide for a daytour.

Price on request.


How can we reserve a bicycle?

You have to make a down payment of 30% of the total price.


How is the regulation if it rains?

The cancellation fee will be covered by the commission charge in the case of


How long is it possible to cancel our trip without charge (e,g, because of sickness) ?

We accept a free cancellation until 8 days before arrival.


What details are required?

Important is:
Phone number (if possible cell phone number as well)
Hotel and date/time of arrival


We want decide on short notice. Maybe it rains. Do you normaly have enough bicycles available?

We have about 40 bicycles available. We are booked out only on a few days of the year.


Do you have a longer term discount?

Please let us know the number of bikes and days and we send you an individual offer.


How do we get from airport Frankfurt Hahn to you?

By bus:
You take a bus from the airport Frankfurt Hahn to Koblenz Central Station. From here it’s best to take a taxi.

Please click here:


Bicycle hire in Lahnstein, Braubach, Bad Ems und Koblenz