Moselle – Tour


Trier to Koblenz or Koblenz to Trier

Tour 1:          7 days / 6 nights

Dates of Travel:
Daily from 15 April to 31 October

Make your cycling tour to an event you will always memorize. Let yourself be impressed by the monumental marvels such as the Kaisertherrmen (imperial baths) or “Porta Nigra” at the ancient roman town of Trier. Explore the myriad of famous vineyard villages with its Tudor – style houses and narrow lanes. Pay a visit to the castles on the right and left side of the Moselle and finish the day off by enjoying a well tasting glass of wine.

 The cycle path is well tended and passes along on mostly flat terrain.

Porta Nigra Trier Radreise mit Burg & Bike

Stage 1: Arrival at Trier

Allow yourself enough time for sightseeing of Germany’s oldest town.  An absolute must are the Kaisertherrmen and Porta Nigra.  The rest of the day you should spent strolling the town. Your rented bike will be readily available at your hotel.

Trittenheim Mosel Radreise mit Burg & Bike

 Stage 2:  Trier to Trittenheim (45 km)

Only after a few kilometers you will reach the centre of the the winegrowing region. The old Fährturm (ferry tower) invites you for a rest at the village of Schweich. You should not miss to pay a visit to the “Villa Rustica” at Mehring. An instructional wine path running from Trittenheim gives you a clue to the work of the wine growers and an idea of the variety of local grapes.

Traben Trabach Mosel Fahrradreise mit Burg & Bike

Stage 3:  Trittenheim to Zeltingen (35 Km)

The Trittenheim Moselle bend takes you to Germany’s oldest vineyard village of Neumagen- Drohn where a stone relief carving shows you the world renown wine barge.

Your lunch time rest is best spent at the market square of Bernkastle-Kues.

We also recommend a tour of the beautiful vineyard village. From here there are only a few kilometres left to Zeltingen.

Stage 4: Zeltingen to Zell (40 Km)

A great number of vineyards and bends of the Moselle will accompany today.

At Traben -Trabach you should taste a glas of the world renowned wine, the Kröver Nacktarsch and afford a boat trip on the Moselle.

After a break at Enkirch you reach Zell.

Neumagen Mosel Fahrradreise mit Burg & Bike

Stage 5: Zell to Treis Karden (45 Km)

Continue to Treis Karden. The Reichsburg (medieval castle) located at Cochem is worthwhile a visit. The medieval town of Cochem has a great number of places of interest and invites you to linger on. From there it’s only a stone’s throw to Treis Karden.

Cochem Burg Reichenstein Radreise mit Burg & Bike
Beilstein Mosel Radreisen mit Burg & Bike
Burg Eltz-Moselkern Radreise mit Burg & Bike

Stage 6: Treis Karden to Koblenz

A ride to Burg Els (medieval castle) will be the main attraction of the Burg & Bike tour. When touring the castle you will be given interesting details of the knight’s and the medieval way of life in general. At Koblenz where the Moselle and Rhine river meet there is an attractive Biergarten (beer garden) next to the “Deutsche Eck” with a fine view to Ehrenbreitstein fort. From here there are only some 100 metres left to your hotel.

Ehrenbreitstein Koblenz  Radreise mit Burg und Bike
Deutsches Eck Koblenz. Radreisen mit Burg & Bike

Stage 7: Departure or Prolongation

After breakfast the tour is finished. If you wish, we would be pleased to arrange an extension of the tour to one of the beautiful places on either the Moselle or Rhine. Differently your departure or transfer back to Trier is organized.

We always are available to help you in booking to your accommodations.
We take care of your rental bike, give you addresses of partner organizers who take care of your luggage transfer and provide lists of partner hotels.



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