Rhine Tour - daytrip



Rhine tour – daytrip

You start your tour at Lahnstein. Cross the river Rhine in Koblenz- Horcheim and ride to Rhens.

At Rhens you have a magnificent view on
Marksburg castle.

Then the ride continues to Boppard. (approx. 15 Km) Boppard is famous for its wine and its picturesque ancient part.

A chair lift takes you to the “Vierseenblick” where you can look at four different Rhine bends from the birds eye view.

Return trip to Lahnstein or continuation of your ride to
St. Goar (trip of approx. 40 Km)

At St. Goar there is one of the most interesting castles to be visited.
Burg Rheinfels. Due to its great number of vaulted passages and tunnels it is a children’s highlight (Don’t forget a torch!).

Or you may cross  the Rhine by ferry to St. Goarshausen and then catch a bus to the visitor’s centre on the Loreley. Here you can learn a lot about the Loreley and the adjacent Rhine valley.

Tagestour mit Burg & Bike Schloss Stolzenfels
Tagestour mit Burg & Bike Marksbugr Braubach
Tagestour mit Burg & Bike Vierseenblick Boppard
Lorley Tagestour Radwndern mit Bug & Bike
Burg Rheinfels Tagestour mit Burg & Bike


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 Map for day tours at the Rhine river


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